Yoji Tokuyoshi meets Pasta Mancini to create a new dish dedicated to a town called Noto, in Sicily. A mixture of culture, tradition and passion. Emerging.

A dinner with Enrico Crippa cooking iTuranici by Pasta Mancini. the great Italian chef from "Piazza Duomo", three Michelin starred restaurant in Alba (Piemonte, Italy), tells about his way of cooking, his philosophy and his thinking about Italian Pasta.

From the seed to the Piazza Duomo restaurant in Alba, through the MANCINI pasta factory: a dream come true in the manner of one of the greatest Italian chefs. 
Enrico Crippa cooks the new Pasta Mancini’s Spaghetti Turanici.

Official presentation of Spaghetti Turanici produced by Pasta Mancini at the 3 star Michelin restaurant Otto e Mezzo with Umberto Bombana chef in Hong Kong.
At the tasting with Massimo Mancini journalists from major Chinese newspapers (East Week, Chocolate Mui Mui, The Sun).