“There are many kinds of stories and grandfather Mariano’s was surely written on the land. Our pasta factory has its roots in the middle of his wheat fields. His example was for me the seed from which everything started”.
Massimo Mancini

Chapter 1

One hundred and five

“Our common passion for the land was the strongest link between my grandfather and I. I decided that is not going to change, even though today we say goodbye”

Chapter 2

The whole is different from the sum of its parts

“A farmer does not scatter his seeds randomly and an inheritance does not necessarily need to be material”

Chapter 3

Reborn as wheat

“What was a seed for me is now once again a seed for everyone”

Chapter 4

Nonno Mariano belongs to everyone

“I hope this seed arouses people’s curiosity. My wish is that it may be a vehicle to tell our story and our approach to agriculture, and that it will be a source of inspiration as my grandfather was for me”

To make pasta, you need durum wheat.
To make this durum wheat, I needed my grandfather.

Nonno Mariano - The book

By Mancini Pastificio Agricolo

Mariano Mancini (Monte San Pietrangeli, 1908 - 2013) was a curious farmer and an innovative entrepreneur. 
He was also a kind-hearted grandfather, who shared and passed down his passions to a grandson who was willing and able to embrace them.
Mariano surely planted a seed in the mind of his grandson Massimo, founder of Mancini Pastificio Agricolo. 
Today, what is left of Mariano Mancini is not just his memory: “Nonno Mariano” [lit. “Grandfather Mariano”] is also a new variety of durum wheat.
Developed through a research that lasted for about 7 years, this wheat variety is the tribute to the man who inspired the “Mancini Pastificio Agricolo” project. 
For those who will be curious to learn about his and our story, they can find it written in this box, together with a little “taste” of it.

18,00 €
Technical sheet
Genre short story (based on a true story)
Date of release 11.11.2020
Format bound, 19 x 27 cm
Pages 28
Language Italian / English
EAN 8033712793573


NONNO MARIANO Limited edition by the first harvest of the new durum wheat variety “Nonno Mariano”

Spaghetti - produced with "Nonno Mariano" durum wheat semolina transformed according to the Mancini artisan, pasta-making method.

1.500 g contained in 2 boxes of 750 g

  • Traditional
  • 8-10 min
  • 260 mm
  • 2,2 mm
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