The harvest year and the QR-Code

Each package shows the harvest year as a testimony to the mission of our “agricultural pasta factory”: to produce pasta only with the wheat that we grow directly in the fields surrounding us, obtaining a “seasonal” product characterised by the annual harvest.

Since January 2021, by scanning the QR-Code placed on the bottom of the Mancini pasta packs, it is possible to know quantitative and temporal data of the main 4 production flow’s steps instantly and without intermediaries, verifiable through the Blockchain technology.


The material that we chose for our packaging is the result of continuous research with experts in the field to ensure both the best preservation possibile of pasta’s quality and the maximum packaging recyclability.

Our packs bear the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) logo, which ensures that they are made of cellulose obtained from FSC controlled wood, coming from FSC-certified forests, and are entirely recyclable with paper. The Italian logo ATICELCA® 501, gained after a laboratory test carried out according to the UNI 11743:2019 standards, certifies their level of recyclability.


Whole Wheat
Turanicum Wheat


Slow, low-temperature drying